Earn money on-line


I started learning how to earn money on-line from the comfort of a corner of my living room in July of 2014. Since then I have joined and left a variety of programs that were supposed to be my vehicles to financial freedom and escape from the daily grind of London Transport. Some programs like Probux, a paid to click site collapsed and disappeared along with my investment. Others I found too complicated. After more than a year of trial and error I have started to earn money on-line from my efforts. These earnings come from three paid to click sites.

The number one on my list is Traffic Monsoon. This is an advertising company that offers pay per click ads form which you can earn money. Advertisers can place ads on the site and choose whether to participate in a revenue sharing program where the advertiser earns a 10% profit. I have earned over $5000 here. This site pays instantly.

The second is Neobux. This is the giant among paid to click sites and has been around for about seven years. I have earned over a$1000 here. This site pays instantly.

The third is Scarlet Clicks. this is another paid to click site I find easy to work with. I have earned over $1000 here. Payments take five days to clear.

A great program that teaches you how to set-up a blog to earn money on-line can be found by clicking here. I found this program a great help in starting my blog.